ABC’s The Chew was a cross between a talkshow, a cooking show, and a 70’s gameshow. The multifaceted hourlong episodes covered everything from food trends, to classic recipes, celebrity gossip, gadgets, cooking techniques, and trivia, to name but a few. The segments, much like the hosts Clinton Kelly, Carla Hall and Michael Symon, were upbeat, fun, and colorful. And now it’s gone forever, I miss them already.

It was but a few weeks ago when the news broke that The Chew would not be picked up for an 8th season. Watching the last few live episodes has been heart-wrenching. I felt a little guilty for taking it for granted. For not soaking up every recipe, cooking tip, and hilarious skit. This is not like a sitcom where I can feel secure in that I will be able to watch the reruns. This is it!

I first fell in love with The Chew during my time in Boston. I was doing my masters in gastronomy at BU from 2012-2014 and would watch them every morning before studying. Being a perpetually broke student, I had no TV and so would stream the show from the ABC app. After that I can’t say I used to watch consistently, but I would revisit from time to time to catch up and see what was new; as you do with people who have become your friends. I was there from the beginning,  I still remember when there were five hosts; a topic strategically ignored on the show’s finale.

I guess I always assumed the show would live on with the hosts changing like they do on American Idol or The View. People come and go, but the essence stays the same. A few years into a sitcom, the ratings usually begin to drop and someone ends up having a baby to boost the ratings. Why couldn’t The Chew have a new baby to boots ratings (i.e. new host)?

Where the ratings even dropping? Is this due to the drama surrounding previous hosts? Is the website going to stay up? Oh no, do I have to start hoarding recipes? I have so many questions. I feel like I need to go and buy all of the Chew cookbooks just to be safe. It all came as such a surprise and I haven’t been able to processed it yet.

It is rare to watch a show and feel the love the hosts have for each other and their viewers. But that’s exactly what I would feel when watching The Chew. I would always find myself smiling at my screen at all the adorable jabs they took at each other and self-deprecating jokes they made about themselves.

I can still hear that upbeat intro music, see their excited and smily faces, and feel the energy and love exuding from the tv screen. Come back The Chew, I won’t take you for granted anymore. I will tune in religiously, record every episode, and Instagram all my Chew-inspired recipes.

We should all start a petition to bring back The Chew: #10millionstrong4ChewReboot! Okay until that takes off, I have some humble advice to the amazing Chew hosts. Read the book Who Moved My Cheese By Spencer Johnson M.D. It always helps me wrap my head around big life changes.


Clinton Kelly, Carla Hall and Michael Symon, ABC’s “The Chew.”
(image from: ABC/Lorenzo Bevilaqua)