Zaatar Earl Grey Mocktail

    The last time I was in Dubai, I had one of the most original mocktails  @3.fils . This is my interpretations of it. - 1/2 cup guava juice ⁣⁣ - 1/2 cup sweetened earl grey tea ⁣⁣ - 1 tablespoon lemonade ⁣⁣ - Zaatar for rim ⁣⁣ - One lemon slice ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ 𝐓𝐡𝐞...

Mushroom Olive Egg Roll Ups⁣

Inspired by Nadiya’s mushroom egg rolls, these egg roll ups are so easy to make and even easier to eat. They are great as a make-ahead breakfast, quick lunch, or light dinner, They are good any time of the day really. 

Coconut Ginger Pea Soup (With Garlic Croutons)

  This coconut ginger pea soup is quick, easy, and vegan. It is a great way to use up that bag of green peas you have had in your freezer since last year. The What:  6 cups water 1 white onion, quartered 1 stock celery, chopped 3 bay leafs  2 cups frozen peas 1...

Honeyed Labneh Berry Bowl

Labneh is plain yogurt that has been strained. Usually used in savory sandwiches or dishes, this an original way to use labneh.

Jackfruit Tinga Tacos

Jackfruit is a meaty and hardy fruit that really holds its own in a taco. These jackfruit tinga tacos are a great vegan option, even for meat eaters (skip the sour cream of course for a vegan version). I found peeled fresh jackfruit at my local supermarket. I have zero tips on how to peel jackfruit, that’s between you and youtube.

Beetroot Carpaccio With A Herb Salad

This vegan version of the classic Italian beef carpaccio is so flavorful and texturally pleasing, you won’t even miss the meat. Okay maybe not that far, but it really is delicious, nutritious, and great for a dinner party where vegans are in attendance.  

Crunchy Cucumber Pomegranate Salad

I am a big fan of lettuceless salads; there is something oh-so hardy about them. This cucumber and pomegranate salad is the perfect amount of crunch, crisp, and tang

Lebanese Zucchini Omelet (Ejjeh Bi Lib El Kousa)

Ejjeh means omelet in Arabic, and “lib el kousa” literally refers to the inside of the zucchinis. If you have already mastered the Lebanese stuffed zucchini (Kousa Mahshi), it is time to take it to the next level.

Meat Stuffed Artichoke Hearts

This recipe is deliciously hardy and easy to prepare. Great to serve at a dinner party as it can be prepare ahead of time and is good eaten hot or at room temperature. For my sanity, I used frozen artichoke hearts. They come fully cleaned and ready to use. 

Best Pastel De Nata Ever (Portuguese Custard Tarts)

I am obsessed with this dessert. On my last trip to Lisbon I ate so many of these crunchy/creamy pies I vowed to learn how to make them for myself. After a few tries, this is my version of Portuguese pastel de nada.

Stuffed Zucchini In A Garlic Yogurt Sauce (Kousa Bil Laban)

Literal translation: Zucchinis in yogurt. Growing up kousa bil laban was what I used to consider comfort food; I loved it (anything with a yogurt sauce really). This classic Lebanese dish might seem complicated, but once you master a few tricks (stuffing the zucchini and cooking the yogurt), it is a dish you will make over and over again. 

Kafta Bil Souniyeh (Oven Baked Kofta Meat)

The literal translation of for Kafta Bil Souniyeh is “kafta in the pan.” Not very poetic, but informative. This dish is baked in the oven with thick tomato and potato slices in a rich tomato sauce.

Strawberry Basil Bundt Cake

Strawberries and basil were born to be together, and yet they are cruelly kept apart with cooks continuous use of strawberry in desserts and basil in savory dishes. Well no more! This strawberry basil bundt cake recipe is uniting these long lost friends, and what this recipe has put together, let no cook put asunder. 

Crunchy, Garlicky, Baked Mashed Potatoes

Manny adjectives, one delicious side dish. This baked mashed potato dish is great for reviving leftover mashed potatoes and can be prepared ahead of time and baked right before eating. You can even add one more adjective (cheesy) by mixing in some gruyere and topping with parmesan cheese. 

Birthday Cake Blondies DO Have More Fun -Funfetti That Is

  Sprinkles make everything better; these blondies are no exception. Gooey, chewy, and unapologetically colorful, these funfetti blondies are easy to make and irresistible. The What: 1/2 cup butter (1 stick) 1 cup light brown sugar, tightly packed 1 tablespoon...

Sicilian Saffron Sardine Pasta

This recipe is an amalgamation of Mark Bitman’s pasta with sardines recipe and the classic Sicilian dish Pasta con le sarde. The original Italian dish includes fresh fennel, raisins, and anchovies. Not a traditional dish, but just as delicious as it was inspired by tradition.

Spinach Avocado Hazelnut Pesto

Italian food purists look away! Everyone else: This recipe is a delicious twist on pesto. The addition of hazelnuts give it an earthy depth and the avocado a luscious creaminess. 

The Kit Kat Cookie

This is literally what it sounds like, a cookie with a Kit Kat on it; no false advertisement here! The chewy cookie dough is the perfect backdrop for the crunchy, chocolaty Kit Kat bar.

The Ying-Yang Egg Salad Sandwich

This is what happens when you have too much time on your hands on Sunday morning . This is less of a recipe and more of a kids’ art project.

The Best Brownies Recipe EVER!

Seriously forget every other brownie recipe you know, this is the one. The brownies are fudgy, dense, and luxurious. The best part of the recipe is that it only uses cocoa powder, so no need to melting chocolate separately.

Georgian-Style Fried Potatoes

    After a recent trip to Tbilisi, I fell in love with Georgia (the country). This country is overflowing with culture, good food, passion, history, and beautiful scenery. One of the dishes I became obsessed with was the Georgian style potatoes. This humble...

Spinach Triangles (Fatayer Bil Sabanekh)

Fatayer bil sabanekhs are stuffed with healthy goodness and formed into a pleasing geometric shapes; try to resist them.This very Lebanese treat is delicious and surprisingly vegan. Some recipes are made with yeasty doughs, others (like this one) are a more crunchy yeastless doughs.

Lebanese Potato Stew (Yakhnet Batata)

Arabs are not shy about placing more than one carb on a plate. This dish actually features 3 distinct carbs: the potatoes, the rice, and the vermicelli in the rice.

Lebanese Chicken Broth

This recipe is the foundation for many of my mom’s chicken based Lebanese dishes, and a few non-Leb dishes, but that’s a rant for another time.

Lebanese Potato Salad

Much like everything Lebanese people do, this potato salad is next level. It is a punch of flavor; the potatoes are just there for the ride.  Bring this to your next BBQ and punch everyone’s taste buds, hard!

Creamy Carrot Soup

When life gives you carrots no one wants to eat, make carrot soup. This is a one-pot meal, quick, and healthy.

Birthday Cake Popcorn

    Everything about birthday cake popcorn is a win. The birthday part, the cake part, and the popcorn part. The kernels are so festive and joyful, great for a party or a little indulgence for one. The What:  7 cups popped popcorn 3/4 cup white chocolate...

Creamy Canned Corn Soup (It’s Vegan… Shhh!)

This recipe has a surprising depth of flavor considering its minimal ingredient list and quick cooking time. It happens to be a vegan recipe, but it is so delicious and creamy you won’t even know it. 

Thyme For Potato Soup

This soup is a warm hug on a cold day. It’s velvety creaminess combined with its chunky hardiness is the perfect meal.

Maple Kale Crunch Salad

This salad will covert the most ardent kale-hater into a passionate kale-addict. It stays crunchy for days, it’s sweet, salty and nutty.

The Best Butter Chicken Ever! (Makhan Murg)

  Butter chicken is my go-to order in most Indian restaurants. I can't resist this dish's intense flavor and velvety texture. The list of ingredients may seem long (most are repeats) but it is, surprisingly, a one-pot meal that takes less than 1 hour to make....

Kiwi Cilantro Salsa

Serve with tortilla chips, sit back, and take in all the love and admiration from your friends and family.

Garlicky Tomato Sauce- 10 Cloves In Every Batch

To get the garlickiest of flavors, I unapologetically use ten cloves of garlic in this recipe. Maybe this is not the best dish for a first date. Or maybe its the perfect dish; garlic is an aphrodisiac.

Funfetti Sugar Cookies

So the term ‘Funfetti’ might be trademarked. If so, these cookie are birthday cake cookies, or just sprinkle cookies. Whatever you call them they are simple, delicious, and ever so festive. 

Lebanese Pink Pickled Turnips

Pickled turnips are ubiquitous in Lebanese food, and surprisingly simple to make at home. They only pickle for 3 days, but last for months.

Sticky Maple Bacon Bahn Mi

In the mood for a pork belly bahn mi but don’t have the time to boil, roast, and then grill pork belly? This bacon bahn mi is the solution.