I lived in Murcia for two years and was pleasantly surprised at the amount of delicious and diverse food available in this little city. The restaurants below are in no particular order. I have labeled them with either

  • Fine Dining: Fancy food and setting; expensive (50€ plus per person)
  • Fancy-casual: Fancy food in casual setting (20-40€ per person)
  • Casual: Casual food and setting (10-20€ per person)
  • Cheap eats: Cheap, fast, and delicious (under 10€ per person)

Quick tip: Most restaurants have lunch menus on weekdays that include an appetizer, main, and dessert for a fixed price. Usually a good value for your money and you get to try a few dishes on the menu for a discounted price. That tip also applies to most restaurants in Spain.


Murcia’s only Michelin starred restaurant, for now. Do not trust any list of best restaurants in the region that does not include La Cabaña. This restaurant is about 20 minutes outside the city but is worth the drive. It is a taste experience. Chef Pablo González creates dishes that are sometimes too pretty to eat; but you take your picture and get over it.  It is expensive (as Michelin restaurants usually are) but I did not regret the experience. González highlights local culture and ingredients with refinement and quirkiness. Make sure to make a reservation, don’t just show up.



Local De Ensayo does not have a Michelin star yet, but they are trying. They only offer tasting menus, a smaller one and a bigger one. Chef David López serves up delectable little plates of  intense flavor explosions. It is a little hard to find, as it is tucked away between duplexes and an elementary school. Reservation is a must as you have to choose your menu before you arrive, and they will require a credit card to make the reservation, but it is worth it.


Fancy Japanese food in a fancy setting. Enso Sushi offers small plates of delicately made sushi rolls, sashimis. tatakis, tartars, and more. The flavors are clean and precise. There is a lot of attention placed on freshness and quality, making it one of the more expensive restaurants in Murcia.

The sleek and stylish interior of Tiquismiquis matches perfectly with the food. Small and elegant tapas with Asian and South American influences. The first time I went it was strictly a sushi place, a few months later there were Peruvian choices on the menu; both were amazing. Good place to grab a glass of wine and a few fusion tapas. The captions of the pictures are not detailed, but it  does not matter as I am sure that by now they have already changed the menu, but I am sure it is delicious.

One of the funkiest and most original spaces and menus in Murcia; I am shocked this place does not have a Michelin star yet. El Pollo Rockero is a fix menu type of place and the offerings change with the seasons.The chef’s eclectic personality is very present in the food and the decor. Previously a garage, the space was transformed into a funky, open kitchen, hipster restaurant. Reservations a must. Also check out the website, they are closed more days than they are open (that’s how cool they are).


Kome is the physical representation of the expression “good things come in small packages.” This tiny restaurant consists of one large bar with the kitchen in the middle and 10 chairs around it, nothing else. The great thing is that the food is all prepared right there in the middle of the bar, so it is dinner and a show. The dishes are tapas-style with a heavy asian influence. Not very well equipped for large groups, but you can simply rent out the whole restaurant for events. They do not take reservations and are closed at random times so check the website before going. Must Order: The boa burger, anything with raw salmon in it.


You cannot get a better view than at Pasaje De La Ballena. Located in the plaza of the beautiful cathedral, the terrace has a direct view of the cathedral. This is the only restaurant worth eating at at this plaza, so if it is full, wait, do not eat next door. The tapas are traditional with a twist. Must Order: The squid ink croquettes, the artichokes with jamon, and the tuna tartar.


Located in Molina de Segura (10 Km from downtown Murcia), La Maita is a hidden gem of a restaurant. Its menu is a mix of Japanese favorites and updated Spanish classics. Some plates are almost too beautiful to eat; I said almost. Parking is almost impossible but definitely worth the trouble. It is located on a bit of a hill and the outdoor seating has a spectacular view of the city. Must order: Salmorejo, Tuna Tataki. I highly recommend trying the tasting menus.


Green Sushi looks like any old sushi place on the outside, but the menu is anything but. The makis and nigiris are creative and original. They have daily specials, so definitely ask your server about that. Don’t be afraid to step out of your sushi box at this restaurant. The flavor combinations may be different, but they are delicious. Must ordered: Caramelized salmon nigiri.

La Tapeoteca offers funky upscale tapas in a casual setting. The tapas are original and reasonably priced. The restaurant is small but the seating is compact with tiny tables against the wall and seating at the bar. Must order: Ceviche in coconut water (served in a porcelain oyster shell). Also delicious are the salmon cons topped with wasabi ice cream.



Jardin De Los Dragones is a vegetarian restaurant that is  unapologetic about it.  The menu changes daily. Fore lunch they have a fix menu where you get an appetizer, a main, and a dessert for 10 euros. The dishes are so flavorful you really don’t miss the meat. This restaurant is perfect for carnivores and vegans alike. Must order: If you are there for lunch, do the fix menu it is cheap and will fill you up.


Mi Mejico is authentic Mexican dishes and drinks in a funky and festive setting. The portions are big so it’s better to go with a group of friends and share. Must order:  Micheladas (beer with lime juice, sauces, and spices), the ceviche is also delicious.


Zaher makes one of the city’s best pastel de carne. Pastel de carne is a typical Murciano pastry that is made with a flake dough and filled with meat and hard boiled eggs. It is like a round, meat-filled, Murciano croissant. This is a great place for a quick and cheap lunch. They have two kinds of savory pastries the first being (Pastel de carne) which is the meat filled one. The second kind is (ternera y sesos) which consists of veal and brains. Maybe it’s best to start with the meat one and work your way up to the veal and brains.


With pallets for tables and graffiti on the walls, Urban Burrito Bar has a strong hipster vibe. You can choose between chicken, beef, or veggie burrito and tacos and customized your toppings. This  place is fast, cheap, and fulfilling.


Like any respectable cheese shop, La Lechera de Burdeos is pungent. It is a tiny shop with many cheeses, so you can imagine the smell. This is not a restaurant, but it is a great place to enjoy a cheese board and a glass of wine. You pick your cheeses and enjoy them in the small tasting area. The cheeses are served with crackers and jam. Great place for a quick snack or jus to grab your cheese to-go.


Salmentum is a shop that offers an array of local products that have been canned, jared, preserved, salted, cured, and dried. It is a shop, not a restaurant but when you buy a glass of wine they give you a few appetizers and you can eat anything you buy right there. Great for a quick snack and to taste the local flavors. They have great packaging  for gifts; and we all know food always makes the best gifts.


Honorable mentions:

  1. Cervemur : The food is actually not good, but they have an abundance of beers on tap and beers for sale, both domestic and imported. Great for big groups. You can even bring your own food.
  2. El Buen Paladar: Columbian restaurant. Cheap eats. Huge portions, go hungry.
  3. Godis: They make a decent cheese crepe and are open for brunch.
  4. Lima Limon: Peruvian food, a little overpriced but quenches your Peruvian food craving.
  5. La Mari Morena: Located in Molina de Segura, serving Spanish classics with a twist.
  6. Gurea:  Basque Country cuisine. A little old-school in its style and menu but never the less delicious.
  7. Maná: Vegetarian fixed menu with unlimited visits to the salad bar.
  8. De3en3: Funky Spanish tapas, casual setting, outdoor seating
  9. El Pulpito: Classic Murciano dishes. A little pricy but you get quality.