Imagine creamy, tangy soft-serve frozen yogurt topped with a think layer of warm Speculoos. But I’m not just talking about a small decorative drizzling of the heavenly spread, I’m talking a one-to-one ratio. Speculoos (Lotus Spread) is spreadable crack, which I used to eat out of the jar with a spoon. I thought that was the epitome of goodness until I tried it slightly warmed on top of frozen yogurt, and now I know what heaven tastes like. (Taste of heaven available at Llaollao frozen yogurt)

Pronounced YaoYao , this frozen yogurt franchise was established in Spain in 2009. I’m usually not a franchise fan, but this topping has me jonesing like a lotus addict. The genius of it all is that they use the same spoon you will eat with to scoop your toppings. They really get in there, covering the spoon/small shovel half way with the goopy goodness. The cold of the yogurt makes the fat in the spread congeal so that every spoonful has a layer of cold yogurt, congealed surface of Speculous ball, and an inner warmer layer of the spreadable crack. If it was socially acceptable, I would rub this all over my face, behind my ears, and just a touch under my arms in the hopes that it gets into my poor and when I sweat, I smell like that.

I’ve reduced my usage to once a week but they keep giving coupons for my next visit. They are like savvy dealers who know how to keep you coming back for more. Llaollao has a boat load of other toppings, healthier ones, but since I have yet to try any of them, I can make no suggestions. Find a Llaollao near you and try it, you will not regret it, well unless you are lactose intolerant, you  might have some regrets.

I mean seriously? Look at that layer of Speculoos, it is overwhelming.