I had been fantasizing about making unicorn poop cookies since 2012, when one of my friends showed me a picture of them. The process was quite elaborate, time consuming, and exhausting, but so worth it. Since 2012 I had been making  excuses why I couldn’t make them: I don’t have time. I don’t have a special event. I don’t have a kitchen (I’ve been a nomad for about a year now, but that’s a story for another day).

Once I get a recipe in my head, I kinda get obsessed. The recipes get lodged in my brain like tiny pieces of garlic in the holes of a garlic press. I start thinking about them an inordinate amount of time, imagining myself making them, how they would taste, and how I would plate them up. I am not exaggerating when I say that a recipe will haunt me until I make it. The immense satisfaction I felt after making unicorn poop cookies has propelled me to declare 2019 the year of the cooking goals.

Below is my 2019 recipe resolution list. These have been haunting me for a while now, they need to be made ASAP so I can stop having nightmares of buffet tables that are out of reach no matter how fast I run. That only happen one time, and I’m almost positive it was because I went to bed excessively hungry. *Once I make the recipe I will attached a link and a picture.

  • Crepe Cake

During a visit to Atlanta, my good friends took me to a French-American brasserie (Tiny Lou’s) that is located in the same building as the city’s most famous strip club The Clermont Lounge. One of their signature desserts is a towering crepe cake. I ate it, I loved it, I have to make it.

  • Slutty Brownies

Slutty brownies consists of a chocolate chip cookie base, Oreo cookie filling, and a brownie top; like a sugar lasagna. I once spent a summer in Sydney, Australia taking a class on travel writing. One of the girls I met had a roommate that  annoyed her to the point of anger. Out of solidarity, I also put her roommate on my frenemies list. One day this annoying girl had the nerve to kick us out of the kitchen so she could make slutty brownies. It was fitting that she was making slutty brownies, a sentiment we acknowledged with our eyes as we left the kitchen. Now I just have to figure out who I would like to gift diabetes to. 🤔

  • Oxtail Marmelade

In 2014 I was living in Boston, and in my last year of a Masters in Gastronomy at Boston University. Seeing as it is a program made up of  food obsessed people, each class had a snack time scheduled in where students signed up to provide the food for the whole class. One night while I was at home, my friend Jasmine (who was also in the program) called me up and asked if she could come over after class, there was something she wanted me to taste. Being an introvert I hesitated at first, but she had never done this before so I was curious. She showed up with a small paper plate that had a small amount of what she explained to me was ox tail marmalade. Unimpressed, I smeared a small amount onto a piece of bread and ate it. It was an uppercut of flavor to my tastebuds. Speechless, as I had never tasted anything like this before, I looked at her with eyes wide open to which she replied “I know, right?!” This is the year I make ox tail marmalade part of my repertoire of recipes.

  • Gravlax Eggs

Mindlessly thumbing through facebook a few years back I came across a video proclaiming there were ’12 things you can do with an egg’. Since I eat eggs more than any other food, I was curious to learn new ways I could incorporate eggs into my diet. The first few were the usual sunny side up, omelet, but then the video showed egg yolks being buried in a mountain of what looked like sugar and then removed some time later, placed on some bread and broken open. I must have rewinded the video 10 times to watch the process. I then googled what the hell a Gravlax egg was and instantly got obsessed. It turns out that yolks are buried in a mixture of salt and sugar, osmosis happens, which is magic. While I was googling it I also stumbled upon soy marinated eggs, and that got added to the list by association.

  • Honey cake

Visiting my sister last year in Qatar (where she lives), she took me to the most charming cafe/florist appropriately named Fleurs et Cafe. It is a coffee shop in a flower shop, or a  flower shop in a coffee shop, either way it is genius. Who knew the smell of coffee and flowers went so well together? She ordered a honey cake and it was amazing. I have an affinity for foods that were previously crunchy. Like when the crunchy crouton sits in the soup and it ceases to be crunchy but your tongue’s brain still knows it was previously crunchy. Well this cake had that, but the sweet version of that. It was dense and sweet, sticky and crumbly, everything I never knew I wanted in a cake. I looked it up and it is a Russian recipe, so I made my Russian speaking friend write “How to make honey cake” in Russian on my google.

  • Bone Broth

The last time I was in New York I walked by a small, unassuming little counter with an orange  awning that read Brodo. From the corner of my eye I caught the words bone broth. I believe it goes without saying that I had to stop and order one, even though I had just had lunch. I got the beef bone broth with a coconut milk and lime add on. It was so good that my mouth is watering just writing this sentence.

This is one resolutions list I can’t wait to start.