The above hot mess of goodness is made in a cast-iron skilled with a base of peanut butter, lotus cookie crumble, milk chocolate, and is topped with marshmallows. It is put in the oven until the the chocolate and peanut butter melt and become one, and the marshmallows crisp up like a pork belly under a broiler. You are given a chocolate sauce, that is half milk chocolate half white chocolate, to pour all over the top like a sweet, velvety lubricant.

The spoon makes a scrapping-stratching noise when it rubs up against the marshmallow top and a squishy-lushy noise as it scoops up the molten peanut chocolate base. You can’t cut the marshmallow, so you are forced to shove the whole thing in your mouth, restricting your breathing ever so slightly (in a good way). The voluptuous marshmallow slips and slides as you try to chew it. The peanut butter creates a decadent sticky sauce that makes it hard to speak. Now you can barely breath or  speak; just what you want from a dessert.

With one spoonful you have ingested enough sugar to last you for a week. But something about the crispy, crunchy, sugary marshmallow tops covered in creamy chocolate keeps you going back for more. I don’t even like sweets that much and this gave me a foodgasm.

Dessert and foodgasm by Overjar in Kuwait.