Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, right after lunch, dinner, pre-snacks, and post-snacks. People who have breakfast everyday are 50% more likely to be 17% happier than people who skip breakfast. These statistics are based on zero research and are completely made up. Continuing on the thread of made-up facts, eggs are ordered 71%  more than any other breakfast item. These made up statistic brings me to my next point. I believe that the way you order your eggs says everything about you.

Sunny Side up:

Culinarily:  You like simple flavors. You eat plain yogurt, dark chocolate, and lots of fruits and raw vegetables. You eat slowly, enjoying each meal. Breakfast is your favorite time of the day and you try to have a good breakfast everyday. Personality wise: you are an easy going person that goes with the flow. You are laidback and calm, a type B personality that does not get annoyed easily.


Culinarily, you prefer clean flavors and textures. You don’t like it when your veggies touch your mashed potatoes, or when your bacon touches your eggs. You eat in a methodical manner, eggs first, bacon next, and you end with coffee. You have a strategy for each plate, each mouthful is accounted for. You never run out of bread when you eat hummus, they both end at the same time (thanks to the plate plan). Personality wise: You like to be in control, even though you don’t like to adit it to yourself. You are organized and always prepared for every situation, and you pride yourself on this readiness.

Scrambled or Omelet:

Culinarily, you like your flavors to mingle. You enjoy hardy soups, crazy salads, and over-the-top burgers. You like your sauces, condiments, garnishes, and you like them in abundance. Given the option between a fancy dinner or really good ribs on the side of the road, you choose the latter.  Personality wise:  You live in organized chaos. Things might be messy at your house, but you know where everything is. You are a risk taker, but your risks are well calculated.


Culinarily, you are a purist. You like traditional recipes made with traditional ingredients. You drink quality coffee and you drink it black. Textures and deep flavors are your thing. For breakfast you keep it simple and pure, you don’t need all those bells and whistles. Personality wise: You are a gentle soul. You make time for the people and things that are really important to you. You speak softly and from the heart.

Hard Boiled:

Culinarily you are not the most adventurous. You like the basics like steak and potatoes, pasta with tomato sauce, and chocolate cake. You don’t like it when recipes are altered of fusioned. Textures are important to you, you don’t like soft and squishy things. Personality wise: You are always busy doing something. Always in a hurry and on the move, you are unable to sit still. You work hard and you play just as hard.


Culinarily, you are drawn to creamy textures. If it were socially acceptable to eat butter with a spoon, you would. You like creamy soups, silky sauces, and decadent desserts. Personality wise: You are sensitive and emotional but you try to hide it. You take pleasure in the finer things in life, but also appreciate the simple joys.

Tofu Scramble:

Culinarily, you enjoy intense and exotic flavors. You love herbs and spices, not to mention spicy food. You are an adventurous eater with unlimited curiosity. When you travel, you like to eat where the locals eat. There is nothing too exotic for your taste buds. Personality wise: You have strong morals and values in every aspect of your life. You are disciplined but know how to have fun.


Disclaimer: I would  like to reiterate that the above information was based on zero research and  is only meant to entertain and delight (which I am going to assume it did). 


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