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10 Best Restaurants In Avenues Mall (Kuwait)

The Avenues in Kuwait is my favorite mall in the whole wide world. It literally has everything; especially when it comes to eateries. So many options can sometimes leave you confused on where to eat. Since I have personally spent so much time shopping and eating there, allow me to simplify the process.

Now I Aint Saying I’m A Gold Eater…

We have all done it, ordered a dish or drink for the sole purpose of taking a selfie with it and posting it on social media. It is similar to when a climber reaches the top of the mountain, plants a flag, and takes a picture.

Llaollao Serves Up Spreadable Crack And I’m Addicted

Imagine creamy, tangy soft-serve frozen yogurt topped with a think layer of warm Speculoos. But I’m not just talking about a small decorative drizzling of the heavenly spread, I’m talking a one-to-one ratio. Speculoos (Lotus Spread) is spreadable crack, which I used...