Deep Thoughts

Pick That Fork Back Up!

I try not to speed eat, to take my time, chew my food, and enjoy the meal. This zen approach to eating lasts for about three bites and then I am back to shoveling spoonfuls, elegantly,  into my mouth between breaths.

I took The Chew For Granted, And Now It’s Gone

  ABC's The Chew was a cross between a talkshow, a cooking show, and a 70's gameshow. The multifaceted hourlong episodes covered everything from food trends, to classic recipes, celebrity gossip, gadgets, cooking techniques, and trivia, to name but a few. The...

Now I Aint Saying I’m A Gold Eater…

We have all done it, ordered a dish or drink for the sole purpose of taking a selfie with it and posting it on social media. It is similar to when a climber reaches the top of the mountain, plants a flag, and takes a picture.

‘My 600lb Life’ Is My 600lb Obsession

The participants are as courages as they come. They bare their bodies and their souls on camera.The show delves deep into the physical, emotional, and psychological problems. I have a great deal of respect for these people and do not watch the show in judgment but rather in an attempt to understand their pain.

The Art Of Dressing A Salad

There is nothing more refreshing and satisfying for lunch or dinner than a well balanced salad. Balanced salads have a good mix of textures, flavors, and colors. The difference between a random bowl of vegetables or fruits and a salad is the dressing. Good salads are...

I Get So Weak In The Knees For Free Samples

Free food samples are my weakness, my achilles heel, my kryptonite. I am physically and mentally incapable of walking past free samples without stoping and trying some. My body instinctively moves towards the food and before I know it, my hand has already picked up a...

Food Is My Bliss

 It is my joy, my zen place, my raison d’être. If food was a person and needed a kidney transplant, I would donate both of mine, no questions asked. If food was a religion, I would be at its temple praying all day, everyday. If it was culturally acceptable I would drape myself in food from head to toe.