Surrounded by cookbooks is my happy place!

When I am around cookbooks, time doesn’t just stand still, it’s delicious. Just looking at the endless rows of cookbooks inspires and revitalizes me. The simple realization that there is an infinite number of recipes out there gives me a reason to live.  

There are books about one country’s cuisine and others about the food of specific communities within a country. Books about religious food and books about historic dishes. Books about healthy snacking and others about holiday feasting. There are celebrity chefs’ cookbooks and some from unknown authors. There are books about tea and coffee and others about the policies of food in North America. There are books that are 100 pages long while others are thousands of pages over many volumes.

There are hardcover books and some that look like magazines. There are books colored as bright as the foods they feature and others as minimalist as can be. There are baking books and grilling books, and books about raw food. There are books about specific cooking techniques and others about cooking machinery.

There are books only a seasoned professional would understand, others created to encourage kids to cook; and everything in between. There are biographies disguised as cookbooks and others that have no rhyme or reason. There are diet books promising perfect health and others unapologetically gluttonous. This list is just scratching the surface of the marvelous world of cookbooks. 

The high I get simply walking around and reading the titles is extreme. My excitement is palpable, so much so I end up giving myself an adrenaline high, then an inevitable headache.

Cookbooks represent possibility, new combinations of ingredients I had never thought of before. The introduction of new ingredients or cooking techniques, or both. A chance to make something so delicious is becomes part of my repertoire – part of me.

I leaf through the pages, reading the titles, imagining the tastes and textures, deciding whether to make or not to make this recipe. There is something so poetic about a recipe; a set of instructions that is intended to lead to deliciousness, nourishment, magic. Accompanying pictures are always a plus, but all recipes are special; event the bad ones.

Whether in a bookshop, public library, or a friends private collection, If I am around cookbooks, I am happy.


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