These are the 10 bestest coffee shops in Kuwait in no particular order; and a few honorable mentions at the end


Be. Cafe & Space for Wellbeing

There is no false advertisement here. Be. Cafe & Space for Wellbeing coffeeshop is what it says it is. It is so beautifully nestled in nature, you would think it organically grew out of the ground. This is by far the most hipster cafe in Kuwait. I know the first rule of hipsterism is not calling yourself a hipster, but listen to this: All vegan menu, smoothie bowls, yoga brunches, and a reading room. Check out the black board for upcoming events such as meditation classes, lectures on how happiness has healing powers. Hipster right? There is no wifi, so it is the perfect place to catch up on your reading, your meditating, or maybe just have an actual conversation with a friend.

Must order: They have savory items I highly recommend (the tofu wrap, the pho, the salads). Also delicious is the chai late and all the smoothie bowls; seriously ALL. They serve special vegan lunches every Saturdays, check their Facebook page or Instagram account for the info. Be Cafe is probably the only cafe in Kuwait you can get yourself some Kombucha, your stomach will thank you for it.



Magnet is a modern open space that is a breath of fresh air. Be careful, you might plan to go for an hour and end up staying for six. Every aspect of this space is inviting, from the open concept, lightning, to the staff. There is a quiet space upstairs that offers cubicle-like tables for studying or working in silence. The quiet room costs 3KD, it comes with a complimentary drink and there is water and sometimes snacks up there. There are even private rooms that can be rented out.

Must order: Their signature drink is cold brewed coffee, made into ginormous ice cubes and served with hot milk (cow, soy, almond). They serve you the ice cubes with the milk on the side and you pour it in. Click HERE for a visual of that. The whole process is interactive, seductive, and most importantly, delicious. The salads or sandwiches make a great lunch or dinner. They even have a Saracha chicken and waffles that is worth a try.



For people looking for wholesome food in a coffee shop setting, Gia is your place. It has a rotation of salads that are originally delicious, and a dessert bar of homemade sweets that are impossible to resist (don’t even try going there on a diet). They also serve breakfast, but not all day so make sure you check the website. This is a great place to meet up for coffee, a light lunch, or just  completely give yourself a sugar overload. It has two locations for your convenience; they didn’t make me say that, I promise.

Must Order: They have great fresh juices. Not many places make pavlovas (almost none) so try their pavlova. Every salad I’ve tried, I’ve loved.


20 Grams Specialty Coffee Bar

The funky spray painted artwork is the perfect backdrop to some of the funkiest coffees in Kuwait. 20 Grams is a beautifully decorated space that is hobo-chic without the pretentiousness. But it is not just a pretty face, it has some substance. The substance is the delicious specialty coffees. They have outdoor seating if you are feeling al fresco, and a cosy upstairs that feels like you are sitting at a friend’s house instead of a coffeeshop. Parking is hard in this area so go to the paid parking lot behind the coffeeshop, it is a 2 minute walk.

Must order: The coconut latte, which is an iced latte served inside half of a fresh coconut. It is pricy for a coffee (KD 2.700) but so worth it. It is not just a attractive to look at, it tastes delicious. The coconut really imparts fresh tropical flavor, and the barista grated the inside of the coconut and I was able to pour the rest of my coffee inside the coconut and eat the whole thing with a spoon like a giant coconut cereal coffee bowl.


Vol. 1

With music blasting, no tables or chairs, and people standing around with drinks in their hands, it is easy to confuse Vol.1  for an all day night club. Okay so it is no place to get some work or studying done, but it is the place to get an awesome cup of coffee. They roast their own beans; now you know that’s badass. You will not find parking so head to this parking lot on the street right behind it, park there and walk over to it, trust me.

Must order: The vietnamese coffee is deliciously sweet, like a liquid dessert. They also have a cereal late and it it exactly what it sounds like, it is a late with cornflakes on top. It was surprisingly delicious and compact.


His Majesty the Coffee


Nestled between tall apartment buildings and dirt parking lots, His Majesty the Coffee is like a hipster jewel in a concrete jungle. Its location might seem strange, but it allows for easy parking. It is small and cosy with both indoor and outdoor seating, it is a great place to grab a quick coffee or take your coffee to-go.

Must Order: The Spanish latte. I prefer it cold like my blood; just kidding. About the blood thing, not the coffee.


% Arabica Kuwait Gardenia


Modern interior, sleek machinery, delicious snacks, % Arabica is the perfect spot for a quick pick-me-up. A coffee lover’s heaven, this coffee shop puts the spotlight on the bean and gives it the respect it deserves. Surprisingly, this original cafe is actually a worldwide franchise, but as their website explains ” % Arabica is about my love for coffee, design, and seeing the world.”

Must order: Spanish Latte.



Bartone is a coffee shop that takes coffee and baked goods very seriously. The interior is modern yet cosy and the place turns into a lounge like hangout at night. This is a great place to have a good coffee, delicious sandwich, and a sinful dessert.

Must order: The labneh cake and croissants.


Coffee Masters 

Coffee Masters is the coffee shop for coffee addicts. The name is appropriate and accurate. They roast the coffee beans right there in the shop. The smell of roasting beans and warm interior create a cosy vibe. Parking is a little hard, but worth the struggle.

Let’s Coffee 

Let’s Coffee is a coffee boutique serving up classic coffee as well as “coffee cocktails” (alcohol-free of course.) The interior is like walking into someone’s living room, conducive of relaxation and good conversations.

Must order: The rose latte, and coconut latte when available.

Honorable mentions:

  • Moo Milk Bar: Funky coffee concoctions and decadent desserts.
  • Dose : Coffee cocktails, flavored hot and iced coffees.
  • Toby’s Estate: Uber tiny, delicious coffee, funky specials.
  • Over the Jar: Over-the-top desserts; the name does not lie.
  • Bateel Cafe Avenues: Good food, French pastries, in a mall so win-win.
  • Cha Matchacha: For matcha lovers. Funky drinks, sans-coffee.
  • L’eto: Sweets and light snacks, located in the avenues.


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