Recent Recipes

Coconut Ginger Pea Soup (With Garlic Croutons)

  This coconut ginger pea soup is quick, easy, and vegan. It is a great way to use up that bag of green peas you have had in your freezer since last year. The What:  6 cups water 1 white onion, quartered 1 stock celery, chopped 3 bay leafs  2 cups frozen peas 1...

Honeyed Labneh Berry Bowl

Labneh is plain yogurt that has been strained. Usually used in savory sandwiches or dishes, this an original way to use labneh.

Jackfruit Tinga Tacos

Jackfruit is a meaty and hardy fruit that really holds its own in a taco. These jackfruit tinga tacos are a great vegan option, even for meat eaters (skip the sour cream of course for a vegan version). I found peeled fresh jackfruit at my local supermarket. I have zero tips on how to peel jackfruit, that’s between you and youtube.

Recent Deep Thoughts

The Future Of Restaurants Post Covid19

I don’t want my waiter to look like a doctor about to perform open-heart surgery. I don’t want my table to be separated by plastic dividers from other tables; how will I stare at what they have ordered when it arrives and watch as they eat it.  I don’t want the kitchen staff to be overheating and fainting from all the layers of “protective” gear they are now legally obliged to wear.

What Happened To Froot Loops? Where Did The Flavor Go?

Froot Loops does not taste good anymore; there I said it. It was hard for me to admit this to myself. The box is still as flamboyant, the loops are even more colorful, and the cereal is still crunchy, but sadly these are the superficial traits of the cereal. Its spirit has been crushed. Froot Loops is now a soulless breakfast item; Toucan Sam an imposter. 

Mukbangs: Addictive, But Leaving Me Unfulfilled

Don’t get me wrong, watching Mukbangs has become an integral part of my life, that I am happy to indulge in a few times a day. But it is no replacement for the real thing: staring at strangers eating in public until they ask me to stop.

Recent Disgustingly Delicious

PB&P Sandwich (That’s Peanut Butter & Pickles)

  About a year ago, I saw a recipe on the New York Times website for a  peanut butter and pickle sandwich. The word recipe to describe this is a bit of a stretch, but for lack of a better word, this "recipe" got stuck in my head. The directions are in the name,...

Eat Here

10 Best Restaurants In Avenues Mall (Kuwait)

The Avenues in Kuwait is my favorite mall in the whole wide world. It literally has everything; especially when it comes to eateries. So many options can sometimes leave you confused on where to eat. Since I have personally spent so much time shopping and eating there, allow me to simplify the process.